Meet Amanda

My Story


In May 2008, I was on maternity leave with my youngest daughter and was beginning to dread going back to work. My job was supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in a residential setting. I truly enjoyed working with my clients, but the ‘system’ within which we had to operate was extremely deficient. I arrived to work each day and administered literally handfuls of pills to my clients: Many were taking anxiety pills and mood stabilizers. In addition, they were taking pills to offset the side effects of the first doses. I was immediately disturbed. My clients’ lives were preoccupied with medication schedules and behavioural plans which I noticed were not fostering a remedy or solution, but instead suppressed only the physical causes of discomfort and illness.

I always insisted that my first priority was the safety and wellbeing of my clients, so I started asking ‘why?’ to everyone; doctors, even psychiatrists! Why are so many people being diagnosed with developmental disabilities? Why the pills? Why not another way of treating acute illness aside from prescribing pharmaceuticals inducing negative side effects? I started to devote my time and focus on ways to treat and achieve natural health. I was determined to get answers.

My dear friend was always mentioning how she treated her family’s ailments with alternative medicine and how she achieved effective results. With each question I asked her, the more fascinated I became. I then started poking through my local health food store and began to realize that I was among several searching to treat themselves and their families with natural medicine. Finally one Saturday, as I was reading the weeklies with a cup of coffee, I saw an ad for a homeopathy school accepting applicants. I quickly internet searched ‘homeopathy’, and before I knew it, I was seated in a classroom, had resigned from my fulltime job, and had not fully realized what I had just put into motion. 

Between attending weekend classes, my weekday job as Transitional Planner for adults with disabilities, and motherhood to three active little girls, somewhere I had to complete homework, study for tests, and run a tidy household. All these activities led to my development of extreme anxiety. I was literally laid up on the couch many evenings, complaining of nausea, chills, extreme fatigue and anxiety attacks which I was determined to overcome. I enlisted the help of my knowledgeable professor who is, of course, a Homeopath. After my appointment, I was absolutely confident that I had made the right decision to become a Homeopath myself. Within weeks of taking my personally prescribed remedy, I was no longer suffering. My focus returned to my family and education and in July 2010, I successfully completed the Professional Certification Program in the Art and Science of Classical Homeopathy at Homeopathy School International. I also trained with The Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine. 

 I am a Registered Homeopath, practicing in the city of London Ontario. I am currently treating patients around the world due to modern technology!