Health Solutions

Let Me Provide Solutions For Your Health Concerns

I applaud you on taking the first step toward achieving health naturally. I am honoured that you have choosen me to guide you through this life-changing exeprience. Homeopathy stands alone in alternative medicine it gently and effectively stimulates the body to heal itself.

On this page you will be able to learn about what conditions I have treated with homeopathy.

The following are lists of health conditions that can be treated with homeopathy. keep in mind that this is only a small list and homeopathy has healed so many more illnesses.



Acute Health Concerns: 

Aches and pains 

Cold and flu 


Ear infections 


Insect bites/stings 

Nausea and vomiting 

Sore back 

Sprains and strains 

Urinary tract Infections  

Physical Health Concerns: 



Crohn’s Diseases / Colitis 

Eczema/ Psoriasis 

Irregular and painful periods 

Multiple Sclerosis / Fibromyalgia 

Peri and Postmenopausal complaints Thyroid complaints  

Mental and Emotional Health Concerns: 



 Fears and phobias 

Grief from loss 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 

Much, Much, More